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Our Story

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The Furrbaby Food Pantry started off as a porch pick up spot giving food to families in need. Korri, a former animal shelter volunteer and now President of the non-profit was too familiar with seeing family pets surrendered to the shelter with the reason listed "can no longer afford." There was a thought.. what if providing food assistance to families for the pets can change it all. With the communities help with donations Korri started the Furrbaby Food Pantry community page and the number of members grew, as well as the amount of families needing help. The front porch pick up soon took over the front yard and donations filled the driveway (imagine what the neighbors thought.) Overtime with the growth of the pantry operations, the city shut us down (turns out you can't run a business from a residential home) and we had 7 days to disassemble the pantry. With the devastating news, we had to be quick on our feet for the community needed us. We partnered with a local dog boutique, and finally found a permanent location. The Furrbaby Food Pantry (now a Non-profit organization) collects hundreds of pounds of donations weekly, and though this may seem like a lot it goes very fast. The pantry hopes to be a resource in many other cities around the world. Not only do we want to help families stay together, we also want to help our already overcrowded shelters by keeping pets out of the shelter system.

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